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Here's What You'll Get:

  • How to Increase Your Dream Recall ($100) 
  •  How to Record Your Dreams ($100)
  • ​Encounter Dreams Part 1&2 Videos ($100)
  • What Do I Do With My Dream? ($200 Value!) 
"My heart is encouraged as I”m understanding more and more the language of dreams. As I look back at previous dreams, more are making sense to me and I even gained clarity from a dream about my current situation. In the midst of difficult times, God has given me encouragement through my dreams. The things I’m learning in the Dreams MasterClass is also bringing me closer with my family members as they have begun to share with me their dreams. This course is incredibly beneficial because I have been fascinated by dreams since I was a child and now I have a chance to learn something and I enjoying it! The Dreams MasterClass is well worth the investment."

- Dana B. 
"I’ve had trouble remembering my dreams. After enrolling in the Dreams MasterClass, I began to dream more and to remember my dreams. But most importantly, since becoming part of the Dreams MasterClass Community, I began to understand how the Lord is speaking and His language as God the Father."

- Morislav M.

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